Skiers love their warmer hands and feet when using Athlete's Grip

A small drop of Athlete's Grip rubbed into your hands AND feet before skiing will keep moisture from your socks and gloves. Warmer hands and feet means more time on the slopes and a more comfortable experience.

It takes just 30 seconds to apply and is non-sticky and non-tacky.

Simple To Use & Apply
One Small Drop

  • Wash and dry hands (to remove excess dirt and oil)
  • Apply a small, pea sized drop of AthletesGrip onto the palm of your hand
  • Heat Activated: Create heat by rapidly rubbing the palms of your hands back and forth together for 20-30 seconds
  • Don't Panic: An intense tacky feeling will occur but will dissipate after a few more seconds
  • No residue, No Mess, No Tackiness: Hands will remain dry for several hours