TPC Sawgrass 2015 Win
TPC Sawgrass 2015 Win

Do you grip your clubs too tight?

As a golfer you have probably heard the adage to grip the club as if you were holding a baby bird. Grip just tight enough to make sure it doesn't fly away - but not too tight to squeeze the life out of it.

We we get nervous, blood flows away from the extremes of our body (fingers) and we grip the clubs harder even though we think we aren't. This tightens our forearms and then our shoulders and we mess up our swings.

It's not just nerves that cause us to strangle our clubs. Sweaty hands and humidity cause slip in the grip and will also cause us to over grip.

Athlete's Grip™ dries our your hands completely giving you the confidence of a slip-free grip. It leaves no mess or tackiness on your hands or gloves and conforms to the rules of golf.

Signs you could benefit as a golfer from Athlete's Grip:
  • You take your golf glove off after each shot
  • You alternate more than one golf glove in a round and hang them up to dry
  • You feel you have to wipe your hands on a towel before shots
  • You wipe down your club grips with a towel before shots
  • You wear RAIN gloves on both hands for a better grip (even when it isn't raining)

Are you using multiple golf gloves per round?
Are you using multiple glovers per round just to keep your hands somewhat dry?

Simple To Use & Apply
One Small Drop

  • Wash and dry hands (to remove excess dirt and oil)
  • Apply a small, pea sized drop of AthletesGrip onto the palm of your hand
  • Heat Activated: Create heat by rapidly rubbing the palms of your hands back and forth together for 20-30 seconds
  • Don't Panic: An intense tacky feeling will occur but will dissipate after a few more seconds
  • No residue, No Mess, No Tackiness: Hands will remain dry for several hours