Baseball & Softball

Baseball Players benefit from drier hands and gloves

It's obvious pitchers need a dry confident grip but the rest of us do as well. If your glove is dripping wet you probably don't have the best grip on it. Ever thrown the ball a few feet wide of your target because of slippery grip?

If you are constantly rubbing dirt into your hands and glove strap there is a better way.

A small drop of Athlete's Grip™ rubbed into your hands before the game will give you dry grip confidence for hours. It takes just 30 seconds to apply and is non-sticky and non-tacky.

Simple To Use & Apply
One Small Drop

  • Wash and dry hands (to remove excess dirt and oil)
  • Apply a small, pea sized drop of AthletesGrip onto the palm of your hand
  • Heat Activated: Create heat by rapidly rubbing the palms of your hands back and forth together for 20-30 seconds
  • Don't Panic: An intense tacky feeling will occur but will dissipate after a few more seconds
  • No residue, No Mess, No Tackiness: Hands will remain dry for several hours